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UJS Fairchild PT-19


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A popular World War II primary trainer aircraft that's perfect to get your VFR flying and aircraft operation skills tested! Don't let this simple looking aircraft fool you. It's packed with features, including a mechanical wear down of the engine, oil, fuel, and full persistence state tracking. It remembers everything as you left it when you last used the aircraft, down to the cowling screws!

  • Model : PT19 1.0
  • Developed by : Uncle Jack Simulations
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Uncle Jack Simulations and X-Aviation are pleased to bring you this beautifully crafted aircraft for X-Plane: The Fairchild PT-19!

The Fairchild PT-19 is a monoplane primary trainer aircraft that served with the United States Army Air Forces, RAF and RCAF during World War II. It was a contemporary of the Kaydet biplane trainer and was used by the USAAF during Primary Flying Training. It's the perfect way to get your dose of nostalgia in X-Plane, while also providing complex simulations to ensure you think and process what you're doing, or what the consequences may be from neglecting to fly and operate properly!

The aircraft features a fully working and interactive carburetor. You can tinker with the throttle, mixture, and idle throttle for the very first time and see all of the interaction!

With TrueVintage, you can feel the aircraft getting older as you fly her! Not only its systems get wear and tear depending on how you fly, but also physically see the the aircraft accumulating dust, leaking oil, getting its dope varnish crackled down, and the occasional bug splatters on the windscreen.

Personal Mechanic
Take care of your airplane by calling "Jerry", your personal mechanic, and arranging the repairs needed. If you want a crisp aircraft on the outside at all times, you can absolutely keep her shiny by ringing Jerry!

Download Size: 497MB
Compatibility: Mac & Windows. No Linux.

Highlighted Features
  • Accurate Flight Model 11.40+ compatible
  • Top quality 3D model
  • Persistence tracks numerous operations and systems
  • Full PBR materials
  • Full FMOD sounds
  • Avitab tablet integration
  • VR Compatible
  • PT-19 pilot tested & approved
  • Fully simulated carburetor

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