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Take Command!: Saab 340A


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An awesome regional turboprop airliner! Extremely detailed 3D cockpit and cabin, 3D sound engine, accurately programmed systems and displays, 32 liveries to choose from. Used by airlines in the real world for training, this is the SF340 to buy!

  • Model : SF340 1.6.5
  • Developed by : Leading Edge Simulations Team
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X-Aviation is proud to announce our second product that lets you Take Command!

Our Take Command! line of products are designed to give you the very best of flight simulation immersion, and assures you this is one of the most sophisticated, study sim level aircraft available for X-Plane! Real world pilots test and assist in the development of these products, and real world procedures are followed. It tells you our products are unlike any other product you've seen outside of the ever growing X-Aviation catalog! Want to feel like a real captain? Take Command!

Developer: Leading Edge Simulations
Download Size: Up to 1.4 GB depending on selections.
Requirements: X-Plane 11 Only. Mac and Windows. No Linux.

The Take Command!: Saab 340A is a deeply immersive product! It has that special "WOW" factor when you first load it up and see the visuals, all the way to the moment you move those condition levers forward and hear those engines and propellers move through various ranges.

The Saab 340A is entirely simulated based on the real world manuals. All of the systems are entirely custom programmed, including the autopilot, CRT displays (EHSI and EADI), powerplant, hydraulics and more! Our entire simulation has been certified as true-to-life by a test group of five real world Saab 340 pilots. They were amazed at our accurate simulation, and you will be too!

Highlighted Features

Panel Features
  • Scrollwheel manipulators for radios and other dials
  • Garmin 530 integration
  • Accurately simulated Collins ProLine II Radios
  • Simulated EHSI and EADI CRT displays
     ◦ Completely custom coded in OpenGL to give razor sharp resolution
  • Accurately simulated switches, logic, and gauges

  • Custom Rain & Ice effects

  • Over 215 custom lights throughout the aircraft

  • Utilizes the soundXtreme 3D sound engine
     ◦ Over 130 sound samples!

Electrical System
  • Complete electrical system simulation
  • Over 30 busses simulated
  • Custom batteries including temperature

  • Accurately simulated Saab 340A autopilot and associated modes, including Vertical Sync

  • Default X-Plane engines and props logic overridden and custom controlled by plug-in
  • Accurate simulation of Saab Power Levers and Condition Levers
  • Autocoarsen equipped simulation
  • CTOT

Systems Features
  • Complete GPWS
  • Yoke Pusher
  • Rudder Limiter
  • Flap Override
  • Anti-Skid brake system
  • FSP, CWP, and Master Caution/Warning systems
  • Auto-S
  • Accurately modeled Custom Anti-Ice control
  • 2-Speed individually controlled wipers
  • Fuel System accurately modeled
  • Hydraulics
     ◦ Accumulators
     ◦ Pump
     ◦ Reservoir
     ◦ Leakage
     ◦ Temperature

Enhanced Interactive Menu System
  • Custom interactive menu driven window system to enhance user experience:
     ◦ Engine Auto-Start
     ◦ Joystick Assignment
     ◦ Sound Volume Control
     ◦ Virtual Checklist
     ◦ Camera Preset Views
     ◦ Ground Support Equipment
     ◦ Real time Throttle Quadrant Status Viewer
     ◦ User Preferences

Interactive cabin
  • Cabin reading lights function and cast light onto seats
  • Flight attendant jumpseat rotates, and stairs/door open
  • Cabin window shades animate up and down
  • Flight attendant call button and chime is simulated

Livery Manager Installer
  • Install liveries on the fly with this program included in your purchase!

Passenger Variant
  • Air New Zealand Link
  • Continental Connection
  • Crossair
  • Delta Connection
  • Estonian - Hockey Bird Livery
  • Flybe Logan Air
  • Fuerza Aerea Argentinea
  • Japan Air Commuter
  • Kenya Airways
  • Leading Edge Simulations House Livery
  • NextJet
  • Nokair
  • Northwest Airlink
  • Northwest Airlink - Route Map Livery
  • Pacific Coastal
  • PenAir
  • Private/Corporate Livery
  • REX
  • REX - City of Wagga Wagga Livery
  • REX - Shark Diving Livery
  • Saab House Factory Colors
  • Silver
  • Skyways
  • Trans World Express
  • United Express (Tulip)
  • US Airways Express

Cargo Variant
  • Adria Cargo
  • Aloha Air Cargo
  • Bridges
  • DHL

AEW Variant
  • Swedish Air Force
  • Royal Thai Air Force

  • Comes with a Charts Manual, Flight Tutorial, Intro & Settings Manual, Quick Start, and a Systems Manual!


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