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State of Florida


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Accurately place orthophoto imagery for the state of Florida. The sunny skies of the Gulf Coast await you!

  • Model : Florida 1.0
  • Developed by : RealScenery
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Florida, also known as the Peninsula State, consists of a large low-lying peninsula running north-south. The northern part of the state, running east-west is a strip of land known as the panhandle. The panhandle is a region of low, rolling hills, large swamps and marshes, numerous lakes, and forests. Florida contains a diverse pattern of physical features including farmlands, urban areas, transportation routes, and other cultural features that have transformed Florida from largely a historic wilderness area into one of the fastest-growing and most populated states.

Developer: RealScenery
Download Size: 3.56GB

Major Airports Included
  •Miami International (KMIA)
  •Orlando International (KMCO)
  •Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (KFLL)
  •Tampa International (KTPA)
  •Jacksonville International (KJAX)
  •Southwest Florida International (KRSW)
  •Daytona Beach International (KDAB)
  •Gainesville Regional (KGNV)
  •Key West International (KEYW)
  •Sarasota-Bradenton International (KSRQ)
  •Tallahassee Regional (KTLH)
  •Palm Beach International (KPBI)
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