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RealSimGear Gauges


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An easy way to simulate steam gauges on your existing RealSimGear G1000, G500, or Entegra hardware!

  • Model : RSG Gauges 1.0
  • Developed by : RealSimGear
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RealSimGear Gauges is the perfect solution to replicate steam gauges on your existing RealSimGear hardware, such as the RSG G1000, G500, and Entegra. With seamless integration and beautiful textures, this software is the best way to get the standard six-pack on your displays.

RSG Gauges is both immediately usable while it provides for significant user configuration.

By default, the PFD group is configured as shown, with an airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, HSI, and vertical speed indicator.

The default MFD configuration features an RPM gauge, a manifold-pressure/fuel-flow gauge, an oil temperature/pressure gauge, a VOR CDI (with glideslope) configured for the NAV2 radio, a flaps gauge, and a fuel gauge.

These gauges are configurable, and there are different sets of gauges for the G1000 and G500 displays. You can also make your custom gauge group in the arrangement of your preference following our user-manual shown here that details the configuration process, available gauges, and more.
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