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Real Weather Connector


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Takes real world weather data in X-Plane and more precisely places clouds from SkyMaxx Pro v5. With Real Weather Connector you'll be able to actually see weather fronts ahead, behind, or on either side of you without abrupt changes to the weather! Watch the video for more insight!

  • Model : RWC 1.2
  • Developed by : Sundog Software
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Real Weather Connector - Experience weather in X-Plane like never before!

Produced by Sundog Software, Real Weather Connector is the add-on you need to make your weather look super realistic (literally) when using SkyMaxx Pro v5. It's the ultimate weather combination for X-Plane!

Developer: Sundog Software
Download Size: 17MB

Why do I need Real Weather Connector?
If you're a SkyMaxx Pro v3 or above user then you do not want to fly without Real Weather Connector. It will literally change the way you visualize weather in X-Plane, and once you experience it, going back to the old way of flying without it won't be an option in your mind! What it does is looks at real world weather data and then tells SkyMaxx Pro v5, "I need these type of clouds to go here, and these type here, and some others here, etc." What this means is rather than having a scene of just something like overcast clouds everywhere, you could instead be flying over clear skies and see various layers of clouds ahead or around you precisely as they are in real time around the world!

How is this better than using default clouds and X-Plane's real weather feature?
It's better in a number of ways! X-Plane's cloud system is limited to 3 layers of clouds visible at any given time. With Real Weather Connector you can experience up to 6 layers of clouds for an insane amount of realism, and because we are able to parse through real weather data ourselves, you will find cloud placement to be even more precise than that of X-Plane's own system (which is just a rough approximation). In addition to more accurate placement, you will also be able to see up to five different cloud types with this product. They are: cumulus, stratiform, cirrus, towering cumulus, and cumulonimbus. Real Weather Connector will help you experience weather more true to what is out there in the real world at that very moment!

Does this work with my favorite real weather program?
Yes! Real Weather Connector is very versatile, and it will work with many real weather add-ons out there! It is meant to compliment programs and not replace them entirely if you don't want it to. While we find Real Weather Connector to work astoundingly well with X-Plane's default real weather download, it also is compatible and works to compliment FSGRW, FSrealWX Pro, and any other weather based program which downloads and writes the METAR file format. Some programs, like EFASS and NOAA, do not use this file format, and so if you use them you will get cloud locations based on our own downloaded weather data, while wind information will come from EFASS and NOAA themselves. So, it's still a win in the end! Just be sure to read the manual to decide which selection is best for you during a flight (super easy reading...we hate to read too)!

Will Real Weather Connector work on VATSIM, IVAO, or PilotEdge?
Yes! These online flying services do not use the traditional X-Plane weather METAR file format, but we have coded a way around this to work so you can take full advantage of Real Weather Connector while flying online! If you're an online flier, this should be especially awesome for you, because even X-Plane's own real weather system has very jarring transitions between one weather type to the next. With Real Weather Connector we will download global cloud data from the internet and VATSIM or IVAO will provide the wind data so you still experience the correct wind flying conditions they intend for you to have.

The Overall Description
Real Weather Connector lets you see different weather conditions in the distance, and fly into them smoothly, just like in real life. All of the clouds around you will be in the right place and at the right altitude, and won't just "pop" in as you fly. This type of experience was not possible with SkyMaxx Pro v3 due to limitations in X-Plane. We've coded around that to make this possible!

Highlighted Features
  • Downloads or reads real weather data from our own source or from other weather programs as outlined above
  • Precisely places types of clouds where they should be in the real world. See weather fronts before you fly into them!
  • Works with online flying clients
  • Allows up to 6 layers of clouds for ultra realism. X-Plane and other applications only allow up to 3!
  • Can display 5 different cloud types: cumulus, stratiform, cirrus, towering cumulus, cumulonimbus
  • Changes the way you'll see weather in X-Plane when using SkyMaxx Pro v3.1+ dramatically!

  • SkyMaxx Pro v5 or above
  • Mac or Windows. No Linux.

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