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X-Plane 11


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Get X-Plane 11! The desktop flight simulator used for all of our awesome add-ons in the X-Aviation catalog. This ships as a DVD set.

  • Weight : 7.00
  • Model : X-Plane 11
  • Developed by : Laminar Research
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X-Plane 11 is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers, and it offers the most realistic flight model available. It includes over 70 GB-worth of scenery (covering essentially the entire world) and over 15 aircraft, with thousands of planes available on the web!

The 8 DVD set contains everything needed to run X-Plane—there is nothing more that you need to buy

Minimum Requirements: CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K at 3.5 ghz or faster.RAM: 16 GB.VIDEO CARD: DirectX 12-capable video card from NVIDIA, AMD w/4 GB VRAM.
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