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Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise


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The MU-2 is one of the best business haulers around! Includes a custom cockpit, custom sounds, custom systems, many liveries to choose from, modeled cabin interior, and X-Plane 11 compatible. Not compatible with X-Plane 10.

  • Model : MU2 1.9
  • Developed by : X-Scenery
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Now for X-Plane 11!

X-Aviation was founded in 2008 with the X-Scenery MU2 as our very first product. It was and has still been hailed as a landmark release, bringing the X-Plane community the first fully interactive cockpit in 3D with customized animations, programming and one of the most lauded flight models for X-Plane. For many newcomers, the MU-2 has been the introduction aircraft of choice when starting out with X-Plane. Fast forward to today and we are here with version 1.8! This revamped version brings with it a higher quality 3D panel, more immersive night lighting, live reflections, more accurate systems, an X-Plane 11 exclusive feature set, and 64-bit compatibility. Without a doubt, this is one of the most satisfying GA aircraft you can fly in X-Plane!

Developer: X-Scenery
Download Size: 140.4MB

Panel Features
  • High resolution analog clock.
  • Reverse light on panel to conveniently indicates when in reverse thrust mode
  • High Resolution 3D Artificial Horizon
     ◦ More faithful to the original model with CDI and GS indicators
     ◦ Animated mechanical flight director bars that auto-hide when FD is off
  • 3D altimeter
     ◦ 3D rolling digits
     ◦ High resolution altimeter readings much more legible
     ◦ Decision height light implemented
  • Autopilot Altitude Selector
     ◦ Rolling 3D digits implemented
  • Fuel control panel fully simulated
  • High resolution engine gauges with easy to read textured
  • Radio Panel
     ◦ High resolution radio frequencies
     ◦ Working radio swap button to swap between Com1 and Com2 for VATSIM operations
     ◦ Audio switches animated and control audible radio signals the x-plane provides
  • ADF1 with 3-Stack knobs operable to tune the ADF. ADF and ANT mode switch operable
  • Garmin GTX330 Transponder
     ◦ Fully and accurately simulated
        ▪ Flight Timer, Up-timer and user-settable Down-timer with auto-up count
        ▪ Settable contrast modes
        ▪ VFR mode with user-defined VFR mode in a preferences file
        ▪ Altitude monitoring, OAT and Density altitude output
        ▪ Can use downloadable Garmin manual to operate.
  • Test switches operable
     ◦ Fuel level tests for low level tied into master caution system
     ◦ panel indicator lights
     ◦ Stall warning with audible warning and vibrating yoke
  • Copilot HSI tied to NAV 2 for dual channel navigation.

Overhead Panel Features
  • All anti-ice switches and systems operable
  • Fasten Seat Belt and No Smoking audible warnings
  • Exterior lighting and switches implemented including wing ice light.
  • Independent landing light control with realistic 10s light extension.
  • Windshield wipers operable.
  • All lighting rheostats operable.
  • Anti-icing load meter indicator operable.
  • Cockpit flood light available with HDR rendering mode on.

Systems Features
  • Fully functioning autopilot with integrated flight director
     ◦ Heading hold mode
     ◦ Nav mode for lateral localizer / radial tracking
     ◦ Armed approach mode for auto-capture of glide-slope and localizer.
     ◦ Altitude hold mode (by barometric pressure)
     ◦ Alt select mode (pitch hold). Use pitch wheel between pilot seats to adjust pitch angle.
     ◦ Vertical speed hold mode. Plane adjusts pitch to maintain VS
     ◦ Indicated airspeed mode. Plane adjusts pitch to maintain constant IAS.
     ◦ Standby Mode activated flight director only and turns off the autopilot servo motors.
     ◦ Manual turn knob and pitch wheels operational.
  • Master Caution System
     ◦ Test switches for fire and annunciator bulb tests
     ◦ Custom master caution system to extend x-plane's basic warnings and allow new and future systems simulation
  • Fuel Transfer System
     ◦ 5 tank fuel system with automatic and manual fuel transfer modes including outer fuel pump simulation.

  • Custom yoke. Can be hidden from view and is animated with manual or autopilot input. Animated pitch trim switch
  • Quadrant throttles and condition levers can be operated by joystick, function keys or with the mouse.
  • Convenience modes for "cold and dark" or "engines running" with all controls set properly for each situation.
  • Convenience modes for night or daytime starts. Cockpit lighting auto-set with darkness level. #Turboprop Sale
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