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Maxx FX


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Take control of your sim visuals! No real impact on frame rates, many pre-set color themes to choose from, and a power user mode to give you full control. Please note this will not work in VR headsets.

  • Model : MaxxFX 1.0
  • Developed by : Maxx-XP Team
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Maxx FX - Take control of how your X-Plane world looks!

Works with both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10!

Maxx-XP, in co-operation with Sundog Software, and X-Aviation are excited to bring you an amazing new product that allows you to fully customize the colors and appearance of your X-Plane experience!

Developer: Maxx-XP
Download Size: 27MB

  • Click here to download the manual!

How Maxx FX works
Maxx FX is a plug-in that changes the appearance and color of your X-Plane environment with the click of a button! You can quickly adjust colors, contrast and more with the power user mode, or you can simply just press a checkbox and use any of the themes we have already built for you! It's super easy to use. The best way to see what this product is and does is to simply scroll down below to watch the video! The video showcases many themes and contains no prost-processing! The effects you see are real effects you can get by using this product and nothing more!

Highlighted Features
  • 18 pre-defined themes
  • Live side-by-side comparison of theme changes
  • Power user option allows you to create your own themes
  • Post processing movie style effects without the actual post processing

Why should you get it?
Maxx FX is all about further enhancing your X-Plane experience. With the addition of this product to your X-Plane environment you will have full control to get the effects of color and contrast that YOU like instead of what just plain X-Plane gives you out of the box. It's practically limitless as to what you can achieve, and it's fun!

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