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KTNP - Twentynine Palms Airport


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A great representation of this desert airport. Consider flying here in your business jet or other GA aircraft for a scenic end to your flying day!

  • Model : KTNP 1.0
  • Developed by : 29Palms
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Twentynine Palms Airport - A highly detailed airport awaits you!

29Palms, JaraNet, and X-Aviation are excited to bring you a spectacularly modeled, well optimized airport for X-Plane 10 covering 250km²! It's also compatible with HD-Mesh V3 by Andras Fabian!

Quick Facts: Beautifully modeled general aviation airport with ortho imagery and highly detailed runways, vegetation, buildings, people and more!

Developer: 29Palms and JaraNet
Download Size: 426MB
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, and Linux

Twentynine Palms (formerly known as Twenty-Nine Palms) was named for the palm trees found there in 1852 by Col. Henry Washington. Located in the Mojave Desert, California, dry climate, palm trees, shrubs and sand as far as the eye can see characterize Twentynine Palms Airport and its vicinity.

Twentynine Palms Airport is the first project of from scenery development company 29Palms Scenery Design and JaraNet for X-Plane 10. Twentynine Palms was actually their first project a few years back for FSX. It didn’t reach the final stage of development, but they've learned a lot and decided to bring the project back to life which resulted in the release of this scenery. They've set a whole new level of detail and realism with this scenery, based on many references from the real airport. Along with a huge library of high quality 3D objects, the software forms the basis for all prospective 29Palms sceneries. Covering over 250km² with high resolution satellite imagery, the scenery provides a lot to explore.

What are you waiting for? Pick one of the big hubs and head over to Twentynine Palms. The desert awaits you!

Highlighted Features
  • Highly detailed rendition of Twentynine Palms Airport (KTNP), California
  • Complete coverage of over 250km² with high resolution satellite imagery (0.25-0.6m/px)
  • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and ground by "texture baking"
  • X-Plane 10 HDR Lights
  • High resolution day and night textures (2048px²)
  • Realistic rendition of light sources on all 3D objects and ground by "baked lighting"
  • Highly detailed rendition of Twentynine Palms Airport (KTNP), California
  • Compatible with HD-Mesh V3 by Andras Fabian (our installer will help you with this!)
  • Over 100.000, hand-placed and custom made vegetation objects
  • Complete reconstruction of airport’s lighting equipment
  • Animated Car Traffic
  • Numerous custom made static objects and aircraft around the airport
  • Scenery Configurator for optimal perfomance
  • Excellent performance with high frame rates due to optimizations


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