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FS Global Real Weather XP Edition


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The ultimate Weather Engine for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane giving you the best real weather experience in your simulator. Pair it with SkyMaxx Pro and get exclusive cloud integration, such as Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, Cumulonimbus and Towering Cumulus.

  • Model : FSGRW XP
  • Developed by : PILOT'S
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FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW) - 64bit real time weather engine for X-Plane 11 and 10 (also works with P3D).

PLEASE NOTE!: This product is not compatible with Mac or Linux.

The ultimate Weather Engine for X-Plane giving you the best real weather experience in your simulator. Features include real upper and lower air winds, cloud types, clear air turbulence, icing, historic weather, weather reporting and flight planning.

NEW SkyMaxx Pro Integration!: The FS Global Real Weather engine is now able to process a wide variety of cloud identifiers, such as Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, Cumulonimbus and Towering Cumulus. Cirrocumulus, Nimbostratus and Stratocumulus depiction in X-Plane 11 is planned for the near future. This detailed, cloud specific information is passed onto Real Weather Connector, allowing SkyMaxx Pro v5 cloud types and their corresponding cloud textures in X-Plane 11 to be correctly interpreted and drawn for different altitude levels, while at the same time FS Global Real Weather injects real-time wind data into X-Plane 11. This adds a highly sophisticated level of realism to the X-Plane 11 world, and greatly enhances the immersive environment for both low-level GA flyers and high-altitude airline pilots.

FS Global Real Weather not only delivers weather data calculated out of realtime data of more than 24.000 observation stations (land- and seabased) worldwide. It also calculates air masses and temperatues for upper airlevels on a scientific base, which is absolutely necessary for correct flight planning using real world tools.

Highlighted Features:
  • For X-Plane 11 (and P3d ..)
  • Easy and streightforward to use
  • Fast download of weatherfiles
  • Weather conceived out of real weatherdata of 24.000+ stations based on land and at sea (=> correct weather over the oceans)
  • Correct cloud types (Especially when paired with SkyMaxx Pro v4.7+)
  • Correct Upper Air Winds and pressures (no jumps!)
  • Correct Lower Air Winds
  • Correct CAT
  • Correct Turbulence in/around clouds
  • Static, dynamic or file-mode
  • Historical weather (supporting static, dynamic or file-mode)
  • New weatherdata available on servers (approx.) every 6 minutes

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