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RS Enhanced: Island of Oahu


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Fly around this high resolution orthophoto package of the Island of Oahu! It features faster X-Plane performance, beautiful cloudless imagery, cars follow roads, and the airports/taxiways/runways line up with imagery.

  • Model : Oahu 1.0
  • Developed by : RealScenery
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The island of Oahu, Hawaii awaits you in full form, and it's Enhanced!

RealScenery is proud to present its second product in theRealScenery Enhanced line of products. The Enhanced line brings in various new features and technology never seen before in X-Plane, and has been carefully put together with the best of the best, as well as in conjunction with developers at Laminar Research to ensure this product was done right!

Developer: RealScenery
Download Size: 766MB

Better X-Plane Performance
RealScenery products actually often times INCREASE your frame rates in X-Plane! Why, you ask? Simply for the fact that our product takes advantage of the awesome texture paging system within X-Plane, and rather than having to load multiple layers of textures on top of one another like default scenery does, RealScenery loads as one layer and the rest is history! Worried about performance? Don't be!

Highlighted Features
  • Cars follow imagery roads with almost no framerate impact built with a proprietary road network!
  • Accurate night lighting for rural and urban areas: stadium, parking lot, neighborhood, and busy city detection! 
  • All airports and taxiways line up precisely with the imagery below for a breathtaking experience!
  • High-resolution elevation data for improved terrain definition. Stunning!
  • High resolution imagery provides sharp and clear views of the below terrain. It's beautiful!
  • High speed server download 
  • Ultra smooth color transitions 
  • Artifacts cleaned up in imagery 

Major Airports Included
  • Dillingham (PHDH)
  • Ford Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (PHNP) 
  • Honolulu International (PHNL)
  • Kalaeloa (PHJR)
  • Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Station (PHNG)
  • Wheeler Army Airfield (PHHI)
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