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Douglas DC-3


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A custom 3D cockpit, custom sounds, many liveries to choose from, custom systems simulation, and modeled cabin interior. Re-live the iconic days with this beautiful DC-3!

  • Model : DC3 1.4
  • Developed by : Leading Edge Simulations
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The Douglas DC-3 is easily marked as one of the most iconic aircraft in aviation history, and together with Leading Edge Simulations we've created arguably the best simulated reproduction of any flight simulator platform available to date!

Many DC-3's still exist in the flying world today, and the aircraft was largely responsible for making air travel even highly popular when it was introduced. Being able to fly across the United States in as "little" as 15 hours was no small feat, but this aircraft made it happen. The next best competing aircraft prior to the DC-3 was not able to get across the U.S. without many stops and usually required a train ride by the passenger to complete the last bit of the journey!

Developer: Leading Edge Simulations
Download Size: 246.4MB

Highlighted Features
  • Custom sounds from real DC-3 recording sessions!
  • Full 3D cockpit and cabin, complete with ultra-realistic photo-real textures 
  • A Pilot Operating Handbook to help you along the way 
  • Carefully crafted animations to match real-world operations to the eye
  • Manipulator technology as always seen on X-Aviation published aircraft! 
  • Realistic flight model, with some failures modeled!
  • 3D panel and instrument lighting for night flights. Absolutely gorgeous! 
  • Pilots viewable from exterior view
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