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BAe Jetstream 32


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A nice J32 representation with detailed 3D cockpit, custom sounds, custom systems, many liveries to choose from, and modeled cabin interior.

  • Model : J32 1.1
  • Developed by : JRollon
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X-Aviation and JRollon Planes are pleased to provide you with this beautiful rendition of the British Aerospace Jetstream 32! The aircraft was developed in part with real-world Jetstream 32 pilots who assisted in the process of creating the flight model and providing images to accurately depict this aircraft in X-Plane!

The British Aerospace Jetstream 32 is a small twin-turboprop airliner, with a pressurized fuselage. Due to its unique design the aircraft is a challenge to fly, yet very enjoyable for around the pattern work as well! With a sleek design and relatively quick speeds the aircraft is also pretty to look at inside and out! Fly it as your personal corporate aircraft, or as an airliner transporting passengers between various airports!

Developer: JRollon
Download Size: 221MB

Highlighted Features
  • From the creator of the Take Command! CRJ-200!
  • Custom simulated systems to mimic the real aircraft.
  • Optional manual or automatic engine startup.
  • Sounds created based on real aircraft recordings!
  • Failure system simulation. Emergency hand pump hydraulics simulated as well as dump mode.
  • Ability to control in-cabin air temperature and see real effects based on selection.
  • Awesome atmospheric effects, including ice buildup, fog, function wipers clearing water, and more!
  • Simulated pressurization system.
  • Detailed HD modeling and's simply stunning in sim!
  • Reflective glass on instruments in the cockpit.
  • Immersive lighting effects with different controls for illumination.
  • Fully detailed 3D cockpit complete with tons of animations. More than 90% of the instruments are simulated, including more advanced radios!
  • 10 liveries to choose from!

Liveries Included
  • Aeropelican
  • Blue Islands
  • British Airways
  • Coast Air
  • Experimental
  • JRollon
  • Macair Jet
  • Bare Metal
  • Trans World Express (TWE)
  • US Airways Express

  • Click here to download the manual!

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