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UJS Fairchild PT-19

UJS Fairchild PT-19

I usually fly the PA-28 and TBM 900 and was looking for something different. Well, I most certainly found it!

This is a wonderful plane. Flying it, is very different to the planes I'm used to, because you basically rarely look at the instruments at all. There is no GPS, CDI or ADF - it's pure VFR flying and makes a lot of fun. I can already tell, this will be my favourite plane in X-Plane 11.

The cockpit and exteriors are wonderfully designed, the sounds are great and powerful and I really like the look of the in-game manuals and checklists. You can tell that a lot of work and love went into this plane.

I can highly recommend the PT-19 and I'm very happy with my newest purchase.

Reviewed By : Marco Auer, Saturday 03 October, 2020
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