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The Gate to the Great Lakes: Custer

The Gate to the Great Lakes: Custer

I now live far away from Custer Airport, but this area is where I spent my teens and early 20's in school and working. I flew out of Custer a lot as an adult. I had to download this!

First impressions is that there IS an insane amount of detail with no noticeable hit on my laptop (MacBook Pro, Mid 2015). I thoroughly enjoyed doing a memory lane lap around the old patch.

I was disappointed that Stoney Point Peninsula was very lightly modeled--not much better than the default. It's an interesting feature near Enrico Fermi 2 (worked there too...good job recreating it!). I hope that the next update includes this area.

I did look for Custer's statue...but alas, it was not there. It's an iconic area of Monroe (and the name of the airport!). That would have been a great level of detail and a nod to the airport's namesake.

All in all, very nice job.

Reviewed By : Ed Smith, Sunday 12 November, 2017
4 of 5 Stars!