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Take Command!: Saab 340A

Take Command!: Saab 340A

The excellent experience the Saab provides already begins with the installation process. The installer itself is a relatively small download. It asks you where your X-Plane home directory is, the amount of VRAM your GPU has, which of the three variants you would like installed and their liveries. I opted for all variants with all their associated liveries.

Then I just sat back and watched well more than 1GB of aircraft simulation greatness "fly" onto my hard drive, which means the download was quick, too. X-Aviation's servers were not short on bandwidth. The activation process was also fast and painless.

Once I loaded up the 340A, I was immediately struck by the level of detail, the quality of the textures, and the depth of the systems simulation. One of my favorite features is the Autostart sequence in the event you just want to get this bird in the air as quickly as possible. I'm still exploring and learning all of what this plane will provide.

The documentation is absolutely first-rate and complete. I loaded a copy of the docs onto my ereader so that I could study them when away from my flightsim machine.

I notice myself occasionally loading this plane up early in the morning just so that I can perform a walk-around inspection of the interior and exterior. Then, I head to my office to work.

It is really that good.

The development team has produced a magnum opus of which they can be very proud. What an magnificent addition to the X-Plane world!

Reviewed By : Peter Achs, Monday 30 September, 2013
5 of 5 Stars!