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Take Command!: Saab 340A

Take Command!: Saab 340A

ADMIN NOTE: The below review is accurate in context, however, none of what this customer complains about is within our control. Unfortunately the sound limitation when in replay mode is a part of X-Plane that must be fixed by the creators of X-Plane itself, and is in no way a part of our product. The same goes for the condition levers, as X-Plane is incapable of recognizing joystick buttons for items that are meant for a rotational axis.

Customer Review:

As always, the quality is very good.
Only two things I do not like.
When played-back (replay mode), the sounds (inside and exterior) cannot be played-back due to the software that is used.
The condition lever can be moved using the mouse but to allow for lever programming on a joystick two separate levers with axis movement must be used. Buttons cannot be used to manipulate the condition levers.
Again, the sound are the best I have heard; to bad they cannot be reproduced on playback.

Reviewed By : James Stoltenberg, Sunday 29 September, 2013
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