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Take Command!: IXEG 737 Classic

Take Command!: IXEG 737 Classic

I've been waiting fopr this product for years, I've been flying the NGX/B777 from PMDG in the meanwhile and instantly switch to Xplane when I heard that IXEGB733 will be available the saturday 23th April.

Systems wise, it is top notch, every sytem your turn on/off will ahve an impact on the electrical load, hydraulic, pnematic......

Sound wise = eargasm :), again the sound quality is so realistic and it is very immersive.

graphic wise: outstanding, can really put even PMDG to shame . the rain/haze/wipers effect on the glaresheild is brilliant. there is also lots of eyes candy stuff.

Lighting: Again no surprise hear, it's awesome, you get the light to flicker when turning on the flood light of the central panel. moving your map light will illuminate where the torch is pointing. Bear in mind that HDR On is required to benefit these features.

Flight model : Absolutely brilliant, the ground effect looks spot on aswell. Vortices appears when the air is saturated of water.

FMC: features wise, the FMC is slightly under PMDG as some feature are missing : entering a holding, offset, wind prediction. But bear in Mind that all these missing features are planned to be released after that the main bugs are fixed. there still some small issue with the FMC but not a big deal [V1.0.2]

the GUI is very nice though, the view system and shaking effect are really nice, looks like you have with this product an EZCA ( you can edit your views and able/disable the shaking effect).

As far i'm concerned, this aircraft is better than PMDG is most parts ( except for the FMC but will be better in a couple of months) I also forgot to tell that it is very fps friendly, only 3-4 less FPS than the default B747..

Reviewed By : Camille MOUCHEL-BLAISOT, Tuesday 03 May, 2016
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