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Take Command!: IXEG 737 Classic

Take Command!: IXEG 737 Classic

Hello Buyers and the amazing IXEG team,

This aircraft is really amazing! The system complexity is really absolutely amazing and it is super realistic! The immersion that you get from this aircraft is absolutely amazing! I have many hours as a sim pilot on the Default 747, SSG747, FF767 and F767 and even so, this aircraft feels foreign, It was far too realistic. For me to start up my aircraft, I needed to look at IXEG's phenomenal tutorial/guide. It really tells you and illustrates the individual steps and gives a lot of useful information, all because the realism of systems are too realistic for non IRL pilots.

The textures of this aircraft are super high quality, super realistic, gritty, dirty, old, worn out which is great, it really gives you a lot of immersion that you are actually flying a worn out work horse from the 80s.

I have a macbook pro from mid 2012 with 4GB of memory, which means that I have to run X-Plane on low rendering options to get framerate, but because of the IXEG complex systems, I have occasional pauses that can last from 10 seconds up to 1 minute. I want to point out that even with the pauses on my really bad machine, I still feel immersed and satisfied.

The sounds are absolutely amazing and I think that the sounds are one of the main contributors for immersion. When you open the cockpit windows, it's not just a looks, the sound doesn't simply get louder, but rather it changes dynamically and you will be able to hear both the interior and exterior sounds, giving this aircraft a great level of realism.

Now I must point out 4 things that I have problems/dislike about the 737. First, no wingflex (im not sure about this one though), second, exterior flap sounds are default X-Plane flap sounds. Third, no auto gross weight and ZFW calculation option (because I don't know how to calculate them). Last problem is the pushback system. As much as it looks great outside and the pushback truck looks great, the pushback options are very limited back, left or right. No distance selection.

Overall even though it is more expensive than other payware aircraft, it is really worth it, I mean seriously just look at the textures!!! Look at the system complexity!!! Listen to the sounds!!! Super immersive!!!

Best regards from a very satisfied customer,

Matthew Lee

P.S. IXEG please reply me through

Reviewed By : Matthew Lee, Sunday 24 April, 2016
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