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Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900

Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900

This is an unbelievably good modeling of the TBM. Seriously... everyone else that has done it - My name is X-Aviation... King of Xplane... look upon my works... ye mighty... and despair.

X-Aviation has completely changed what to expect from purchased aircraft. It will take some getting used to... because it is realistic (almost as much as flying the real thing)... but this is truly worth the money.

Short of Daher making one for X-Plane... I can't imagine how it would get any better. Unlike other makers (who shall remain nameless) things like the PROC and the synthetic vision actually work... everything ACTUALLY WORKS. It's truly amazing.

Did I say amazing? Because - it is.

I hope that X-Aviation takes on a Pilatus and a King Air series... I'll buy those in a heartbeat.

Reviewed By : Bryan Del Monte, Sunday 28 October, 2018
5 of 5 Stars!