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Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900

Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900

Oh my god, I love this airplane! Never could I imagine to what huge detail of simulation an aircraft can be! You can check on so many sub systems and read out parameters at realtime during flight. Flying this majestic aircraft feels so fine and the textures are beautiful! I did not know, they can be so detailed in x-plane!

At my first long haul during climb I was checking the left wing and had a great laugh. "You are kidding me, oh no. Oh nooooooo. I forgot to close the fuel cap!!!" I could watch the fuel coming out at FL110.
They don't simulate the fuel leakage, are they? Yes they do! I was losing fuel until my MFD warned me about my fuel imbalance. Had to go for an emergency landing at the next available airport :D
Thank you so much for giving as such a great modelled airplane!

Stop asking yourself if the price tag is justified. It is. I switched from the MSFS 2020 to X-PLANE because the level of detail that this product gives to you is unreached. The maintenance mode is great. You can check up so many parts of the plane and see, how your flights wear off the components. I love it.

This aircraft is my number one in conjunction with on-air manager. Guess we will spend many many hours together from now on.

Reviewed By : Laurent Schröder, Tuesday 27 October, 2020
5 of 5 Stars!