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Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900

Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900

Best aircraft ever With the best Engine ever- not for the faint at heart, this is serious, not the go-fly and go wild, but something to actually learn by. Did you realize this engine type PT6A first began in the 60's?

Another hint, is learn to find and delete the folder in the "X-Plane11/Output/TBM900/state" after each terrible crash and burn (it will happen if you are new to this aircraft)

Some hints: if you have throttle quad, set it up to do the throttle H pattern, since moving it with a mouse takes talent. (From PhilMcFly at the X-Plane forum) "All you need is in the user guide under section 4.12.1

In order to control the right side of the 'h' shaped throttle you just have to map two buttons to the following commands:

- sim/engines/mixture up (aka “Mixture rich a bit”)

- sim/engines/mixture down (aka “Mixture lean a bit”)

With these two buttons you will be able to move the lever from cutoff over low idle and high idle to flight idle and back."

I just completed my first flight from L52 to L88 in this aircraft, once perfected I'll take lesson 1 on pilot edge.

Reviewed By : Michael Domanski, Tuesday 10 March, 2020
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