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Take Command!: CRJ-200

Take Command!: CRJ-200

I recently bought the CRJ-200 and I must say it finally delivers to X-Plane what has long been FSX's domain, a highly detailed commercial jet IFR experience, with implementations of in-house developed subsystems, routines, FMS and all this with spectacular 3D graphics!

The attention to detail and obvious labour of love that has gone into this jet becomes more apparent with every flight I make as I keep discovering new features and extra finesse touches which make this jet stand out by itself for its high quality.

Performance wise to get the most out of it you need a descent rig, but that can be said as well for other similarly complex IFR aircraft releases that have so far only been available for FSX.

As an example I use a i5-2500K (quad 3.3 GHz), GTX460 1 GB ram, photographic scenery, complex airport scenery, x4 anti-aliasing/antisotropic filtering, pixel shading off, extreme resolution and most other settings at or close to max.
With the above my flights are in most cases consistently smooth while flying the CRJ-200, and I'm getting 30-60 fps on a wide screen monitor.


I love it! A long awaited release that is a delight to fly, finally we have a fully realised complicated commercial jet to fly in X-Plane that is a pleasure for the eyes.
The price tag may be a bit higher than we may be used to for some aircraft in X-Plane, but at the same time cheaper than some releases of similar quality for FSX. Don't forget that completing this aircraft has taken 2-3 years.
Personally I don't regret the money I spent on it, it's been a while since I've enjoyed flying a commercial jet this much.

Reviewed By : Styrmir Thorarinsson, Wednesday 25 May, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!