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Take Command!: CRJ-200

Take Command!: CRJ-200

Without doubt the single best aircraft ever made for X-Plane. It sets the bar fairly high up there, both in terms of 3D and systems modelling, and my bet is it will be a while before any other developer will be able to challange the CRJ-200's in all apsects from stunning visuals to advanced systems modelling.

The 3D cockpit is stunning and extremely easy to navigate in using the hatswitch on you joystick, the pilotview plugin or TrackIR. If you just take the time to get used to it you'll never want to get back to 2D panels. But what sets this aircraft apart from the competition, besides systems modelling, is the gorgeous night lighting. Very impressive!

The CRJ-200 truly is the complete package and the most enjoyable aircraft I've flown to this date!

Reviewed By : Dan Kristiansen, Saturday 21 May, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!