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Take Command!: CRJ-200

Take Command!: CRJ-200

This plane simply is the best thing I've seen in X-Plane yet, although I'm usually exclusive into Pro/Turboprop GA plane I am sure I'll come back to this one very often. Not only does the flight model convince, you also get some massive eye candy and top notch systems modelling. Pretty much all of that is covered in reviews around the net, bugs get adressed lightning fast at the forums and via x-aviation support. A 1.1 version is already underway.

There are concerns by some about the readybility of the displays and the general usability of 3D cockpits in such a complex plane. The developers did two major things to adress these concerns:
- PFD, EICAS, FMS etc. can be opened up as 2D-PopUps
- makes use of the pilot view plugin and comes pre-programmed with some useful views
The rest is up to YOU and your hardware, your preferred settings etc., like:
- setting a suitable field of view for you monitor resolution
- good programming of yoke buttons/hatswitch: pan left/right, fast/slow, zoom in/out etc.
- make use of more input devices such as the stuff from GoFlight or Saitek
- make use of headtracking tools

I have to say I am happy in this cockpit without using too much beyond my default stuff, I wouldn't even need my GoFlight setup to have a good handle of this plane. But sure, it does help to further improve the experience. But really, it is more a generel matter of getting used to X-Planes implementation of 3D-Pits, manipulators etc, than it would be a question of the plane models design.


What I like:
- great visual model
- very believable flight model
- astonishing systems programming
- making use of multicore cpu (great performance on my Mac)
- not only a beautiful, but also a very usable 3D-cockpit imho
- rain/icing effects

What I don't like
- at the moment not usable in FS Economy due to the unique fueling systems. (x-economy-plugin update was announced, no sign of it yet). Please note: That's not a problem of the plane and/or x-aviation themselves.
- outside sound could be a little less agressive
- the bugs, of course. But sure they'll get solved soon

So is it worth 60$? absolutely!

Reviewed By : Markus Biedermann, Wednesday 18 May, 2011
5 of 5 Stars!