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Take Command!: CRJ-200

Take Command!: CRJ-200

By in large, this was a great airplane when it came out a few years ago. In spite of the wonderful flying characteristics of the CRJ-200, and it's great exterior modeling, the cockpit, knobs, switches, bezels, and instruments need some serious remodeling and updating. The FMS was one of the best at the time, but is only good for flight plans with little other functionality and now lacks the realism found in newer airplanes.

More recent aircraft , like the JAR 320a neo, the FF 777, and the FF 757 have really upped the game in terms of realism, amount of simulation, and overall modeling—well worth the $60 you pay for them.

The CRJ-200 should be priced closer to $40, at least that's all I'd pay for it now that I have these other more sophisticated airplanes.

I really hope that this aircraft gets the update it needs, because I still like flying it, just not as much as the others I've mentioned and for those reasons.

Reviewed By : Brad Cathey, Tuesday 22 April, 2014
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