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At long last the final touches to the painting! X Plane. X Aviation and the people that brought you MaxxFX and Sky Maxx Pro have released SoundMaxx. It is fantastic and I would imagine, as with the other products, that there will be updates down the road which keep making these products even better! The price is more than reasonable and well worth it. I am hoping to see a separate slider dedicated only to the exterior Plane Sounds down the road sometime, other than that I am blow away by this product!! It is so realistic! When on the tarmac and standing 50 yards behind a "Heavy" you will want to grab your ear mufflers, it is loud!

This product has pushed X Plane ahead of others by leaps and bounds and made starting up X Plane and climbing in a real thrill you will want to repeat over and over!

Mark A. Stevenson

Reviewed By : Mark Stevenson, Monday 22 June, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!