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SkyMaxx Pro v4

SkyMaxx Pro v4

Two days ago, I wanted to spend on x plane add-ons with a budget of 70€, I was almost buying xEnviro, but just seeing the screenshots, I thinked that it would kill x plane fps; so I decided to buy Skymaxx Pro and xVision.

Today I decided to use x plane 11 in my garden, so I bring my laptop with me and started a flight.

While being at 12-16k feet, I looked at the sky, and then again at the monitor, and I thinked "is really that x plane?". It was so realistic! The 3d cumulus and the shadows! It was just amazing! It made me feel like I was really flying! it gives a feeling as if I were suspended in the air, and it was fantastic!

They are 40€ really good spent! I recommend it to anyone that wants to improve the realism of X plane without killing nhis fps rate.

I tested it on my Dell G3 i7-8700 Nvidia GTX 1080 64 GB Ram (32x2)

At minimum settings I get 50-60 fps (with Cirrus vision)

At maximum settings I get 20-25-30 fps

Default Skymaxx settings are optimal, but for an higher realism I recommend cloud shadows to 0.80

Reviewed By : Dragon windows, Monday 18 November, 2019
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