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Real Weather Connector

Real Weather Connector

Pairing up Skymaxx Pro with this plugin is only natural. I love X-Plane's weather, it's one of the big draws for me. I live in a coastal region with a huge variety of weather, June gloom, offshore T-cells, massive cumulus formations billowing through the skies - so my flight sim has to give me the natural results I expect of these often complex atmospheric conditions. XP does a bang-up job, I'm routinely impressed and blown away with how organically the aircraft experience these phenomena.

There is nothing more annoying in the sim, however, than making a final approach in still winds only to have X-Plane update the real weather and instantly throw you into a 15 knot crosswind and/or low visibility. In real life, weather forms, it ebbs and flows, and when you're flying you can watch it happening.

With RWC, you get that experience in X-Plane. No more weather popping up out of nowhere, even though the plugin continues to update its METAR data. But as the weather changes, the plugin is careful to transition smoothly the weather in your immediate area so that, if the wind has picked up, it begins to steadily do so as in real life, and if clouds have rolled into the area, they will do so according to the speed and direction of the wind rather than appearing out of thin air.

Integrated with SMP, this plugin totally brings the skies of X-Plane to life in unprecedented ways and I will never fly without it!

Reviewed By : Thomas Williams, Wednesday 17 May, 2017
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