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Real Weather Connector

Real Weather Connector

This really is a huge leap forward for Skymax Pro, all other third party developer weather plugin's and systems have now been ditched on my PC in place of this and Skymax Pro. The best thing for me is the cloud lighting, god rays in the day, hazy atmospheric conditions, and lighting effects at night from the landing lights and lightening strikes - double the benefit! normally at night you don't see the clouds, you can now, in spectacular fashion!

Simply excellent! For balance of FPS/detail on my system, I use 500m cloud detail, 13000 distance, far left min clouds and middle max clouds, fast clouds option on, god rays 65%, low cirrus res, turned off force cirrus layer, lens flare off, cloud reflection off, dense particles, cloud shadow 60%

Reviewed By : Lee Donnellan, Tuesday 19 April, 2016
5 of 5 Stars!