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Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise

Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise

This is not a *hot* review of a just-purchased product. I purchased it some weeks ago, so it has now settled down in my hangar.
This is my favorite GA turboprop, for quite a few reasons:
- It is challenging and a handful, but not that much. As a regular simmer, fear not; you'll do just fine with it.
- It can take you anywhere and fast. It is also small enough to land in much shorter runways than its speed may suggest.
- I love the cockpit. Analog enough to be easily readable. You spend your flight looking at the actual gauges, not to a pop-up garmin window. Same goes for the radios, etc.
- It looks great!

Maybe the interior textures could get some love. But hey, you are driving it, not looking through the passenger windows, right?

I'm giving it four stars because there is some room for improvement, but I'm really, really satisfied with this plane.

Reviewed By : Sergio Oliva, Wednesday 20 June, 2018
4 of 5 Stars!