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Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise

Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise

Hello everyone,
I thought I would take this opportunity to write a review on this product the Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquee.
I wanted to start off by saying, that my mind set on this review is in the context of " I want the best for the product". What that means is I have given money to a product that I want to succeed (IE.. it's my stamp of approval). And I'm sure you feel the same way when you review a product that you care about. So here we go.

I bought the Marquee about a little over a week ago, and I been flying the hell out of it ever since. I am really enjoying the aircraft and I extremely appreciate the level of detail that is went into this model.
As of this post, this is my first payware aircraft I have ever purchased. And im not disappointed. I will say however there is room for improvement. Let me take this opportunity to elaborate on that thought.

1. I would like to see rain droplets and water streaks on the windshield and the side windows, droplets and other rain related visuals on the aircraft itself while its parked. I do not know how much of a daunting task that would be, but that would be awesome if that could be done. About two days ago I flew from my own base KWJF to KTUS in Tucson Arizona for a simulation meet up. I was impressed when I went through the clouds and rain on that journey. But I was let down hard, because the water from the rain never hit the aircraft. This is something I hope that can be addressed to increase the immersion factor.

2. Another point I would like to bring up, is upgrading the avionics/electronics inside the aircraft. I've noticed in photos and videos on you tube, the aircraft have updated avionics along the lines of the Garman 600 series avionics & above . I would like to see that in my aircraft along with other more modern advances that a general aviation pilot would do to this day

3. Facilitate (if possible) ability to have a master interior lighting switch at the lighting panel so the copilot or pilot can turn off the cabin lighting in the back for better immersion. Also were the light domes are in the cabin, if those could be working. And because we use HDR in our simulation, the light rays would bounce off chairs tables and whatever is obstructing the light rays.

4. Some added creature comforts would be nice. Flat screen TV hanging on the wall, for the simulated passengers to enjoy. Ambient noise of passengers shuffling about. More audio reminder announcers such as automated call outs before touchdown. Better lighting announcements, such as you forgot to retract your lights after takeoff. Some things that we forget to do when you are busy in the aircraft at take off and landing. I noticed these kinds of issues stated above, happen on videos that people stream, and they forgot to do X or Y. So audio announcers would be most helpful. (Bitchey Betty is your friend)

Some of these issues as stated above may be taken care of by just upgrading the avionics. But all and all the plane is an awesome aircraft, and because I just bought in the past week or so, I'm sure there is plenty more of enjoyment hours ahead.

I should strongly point out, I have absolutely no problem in the upgrades as stated above to pay for them and a DLC type of business model. Either all at once or ala carte (Shutup and take my money)

So to sum up, if you're a general aviation enthusiast like I'm and don't really care as much about military or commercial aircraft. I highly recommend you get this airplane a shot, and follow all the PDF files provided regarding the aircraft. To learn how to fly it
So that's it, my review and recommendations to further enhance the MU-2 Marquee.

As a side note, if someone could pass it along to the developer as well, if they would be interested in producing for our consumption the solitaire version. Because if they did, here's my money take it. My wallet is open.

Dion Markgraf

Reviewed By : Dion Markgraf, Wednesday 08 April, 2015
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