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Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise

Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise

I was the owner of N973BB until about 1999 and clocked more than 900 hours on this babe. The aircraft had a different livery by then. The new owner repainted the a/c.
Congratulations to the perfect simulation!!
Small things needs to be changed.
Fuel flow is too low. At Approach Flaps 20, 155 kias, gear down, prop full fwd, level flight on AP, the fuel flow is 320 lbs per side.
On glideslope to LOWL (3°) same setup is 280 lbs.
TO power fuel flow in 1.000 ft is 440 lbs.

The aircraft is generally in all altitudes too fast by about 10 kts.

The roll is a little too twitchy, the aircraft is a little more stable than depicted. if a little out of trim, it stabilises at a 30° bank.

Max altitude flown was FL270 with a climb of 200ft/min.

Again, you did a really remarkable job on the MU2.
I only can recommend to buy this great simulation!

Reviewed By : Wolfgang Feichtner, Sunday 28 December, 2014
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