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RS Enhanced: Island of Oahu

RS Enhanced: Island of Oahu

VERY disappointed!

While the description says there are 5 or 6 airports, there are in fact none at all. All you get are 5 or 6 airstrips, with no buildings at all. Basically just the default airports that you get with XP 10. Ruins the whole thing for me as taking off and landing is plain awful.

At 5,000 ft, and cruising over the mountains, it is pretty good. Just as described. If you get down to 2000' or so it starts to look very ordinary.

There is a huge image artifact up near Dillingham airfield. There is a straight line that runs for many miles along the beach that joins 2 image segments together. Obvious as anything. Totally ruins trying to land at that airport as it looks nothing like real.

If you are a local, I guess it would be nice. But for any one else I would not recommend it. It is really not that good for VFR flying either, as landing and taking off is awful, and you have to be above 5000'.

Reviewed By : Kerry Neighbour, Friday 07 November, 2014
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