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RS Enhanced: Island of Oahu

RS Enhanced: Island of Oahu

I was really looking forward to this scenery, however I was disappointed in the fact that there are very little buildings and no easy way to integrate other scenery add-ons of Honolulu. It really hurts the overall experience.

Also, im not sure why there is so little of the tropical ocean showing and instead the beautiful colors of the water are quickly faded to the default dark water. The water colors around the island was the main visual element that got me excited and I was really expecting more... sadly, the developers thought it wasn't important enough to spend more time on them. I have seen free scenery add-ons that show more ocean around the coastlines and was wondering if you plan to release an update in the future that does this for Hawaii?

Overall, it does look great, but the 2 issues above slightly ruin the experience for me

Reviewed By : Steven Adler, Saturday 03 May, 2014
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