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Douglas DC-3

Douglas DC-3

So I bought this DC-3 when it was on sale, not really expecting much.
Propeller planes were always my favourite so I figured why not grab one of the most famous planes of its' kind.

Let me tell you that I was... positively surprised. Actually, that's not it. I was "extremely surprised" with how much fun that aircraft is. Firstly, the interior is beautifully modelled. And not only the cockpit area. The passengers and bunk (yes, you have bunks!) area is very decent looking too.
It quickly became one of my favourite planes to fly in my scandinavian voyages. It just flies how you would assume it flies. Landing in this historic footprint of aviation is just something different, something that I would recommend anyone to experience.

It's just awesome and I can surely recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed By : Jeanne Faubert, Thursday 26 November, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!