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Beechcraft Mentor T34c

Beechcraft Mentor T34c

The aircraft is very detailed. But it is somewhat lame, despite the turbos.
The old Hawker or P38 or Corair F4U climb much faster at full speed.
I have the problem solved as follows: Set in Plane Maker, in engine section, then criftical altitude of 20,000 feet to 30,000 ..
It's as if I push the aircraft a bottle of oxygen in the air filter. It climbs easily to 35000 feet.

Outside, the sound is ok. Inside the sound is terrible.
Reminds me of Verticopter.

Flight characteristics: Excellent!!! Starting and landing is a pleasure.
The raindrops on the windows are great. Only it's raining now with me in the hangar. Lol ....

Not Problem, It is very impressive in the rain.

I think 4 stars is realistic. The sound must be better inside.
I think the developer can do more. Because the competition does not sleep.

Recommended: Definitely!

Reviewed By : Joerg Hartwig, Wednesday 08 June, 2011
4 of 5 Stars!