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Tucson Hi-Res


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High resolution orthophoto imagery for the Tucson city region. You can pair this with the Arizona state pack, or purchase it to use just by itself!

  • Model : TUS 1.0
  • Developed by : RealScenery
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This imagery is four-times the resolution of our state series! You can fly with this scenery alone, or you can use the Phoenix and Tucson HR scenery to replace the scenery files that come with the State of Arizona scenery. The HR scenery makes an awesome complement to the Arizona scenery.

All 30 airports within the HR scenery area have been extensively edited with all runways and taxiways perfectly matching the underlying imagery.

Flying with this scenery is the only way to fly with X-Plane, especially if you enjoy flying close to the ground, flying within the airport traffic pattern, VFR flying, or flight training where spatial orientation is important.

Located in the southwestern United States, the cities of Phoenix and Tucson Arizona are the largest in Arizona. These large metropolitan areas offer a variety of flying opportunites for all types of pilots.

Developer: RealScenery
Download Size: 1.34GB

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