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SkyMaxx Pro v5


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The most popular cloud engine for X-Plane! SkyMaxx Pro v5 brings volumetric GPU Ray-Casted clouds, better lighting effects, FSGRW and ASXP integration. The new 3D clouds are especially better for VR users!

  • Model : SMP 5.1
  • Developed by : Maxx-XP Team
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Want the best weather in X-Plane? Buy SkyMaxx Pro v5 and Real Weather Connector for amazing immersion! 
SkyMaxx Pro v5 - A revolutionary weather rendering engine for X-Plane 11!

X-Plane's most popular and best-selling add-on is back as version 5, and with some great new features!

Maxx-XP, in co-operation with Sundog Software, and X-Aviation are excited to bring you another game changing experience to the weather rendering in X-Plane 11! SkyMaxx Pro v5 is an X-Plane cloud and sky replacement engine boasting all-new technology for X-Plane that it's almost like having an all-new sim!

FSGRW Integration!: The FS Global Real Weather engine is able to process a wide variety of cloud identifiers, such as Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, Cumulonimbus and Towering Cumulus. Cirrocumulus, Nimbostratus and Stratocumulus depiction in X-Plane 11 is planned for the near future. This detailed, cloud specific information is passed onto Real Weather Connector, allowing SkyMaxx Pro v5 cloud types and their corresponding cloud textures in X-Plane 11 to be correctly interpreted and drawn for different altitude levels, while at the same time FS Global Real Weather injects real-time wind data into X-Plane 11. This adds a highly sophisticated level of realism to the X-Plane 11 world, and greatly enhances the immersive environment for both low-level GA flyers and high-altitude airline pilots.

Developer: Maxx-XP
Download Size: 120MB
Mac Users: Please note OpenGL only. No Metal compatibility.

How SkyMaxx Pro works
SkyMaxx Pro is a plug-in that disables X-Plane's cloud and weather rendering engine, then replaces it with the SkyMaxx Pro's version of clouds. It takes cloud data from the already existing X-Plane weather menu that you are used to, so there's nothing new to learn. What you gain are some amazing visual effects!

New features in Version 5:

GPU Ray-Casted Clouds
- Featuring the most complex, realistic lighting effects of any cumulus cloud layer offered (you will still have the option to run v4 style particle-based clouds).

Extended Draw Distance
- With the volumetric clouds we are able to offer extended cloud draw beyond that of v4. This allows for volumetric clouds to the horizon.

New Light Interaction
- Lighting and how it affects clouds is much more realistic with the volumetric clouds. Incredible scenes await you!

Load Optimization
- Techniques used to lessen the load between your GPU and CPU with proper distribution between the two for the volumetric clouds.

Integration with SoundMaxx
- Lightning effects in SkyMaxx Pro 5 will trigger 3D positional thunder sound effects when SoundMaxx is installed

Highlighted Features
  • Lens Flare
  • Cloud shadows
  • Clouds aloft with wind speed
  • Crepuscular rays
  • Full 3D GPU Ray-Casted Clouds
  • Extends all the way to the horizon
  • Both solid and broken stratiform representations
  • Advanced per-fragment lighting model with real Mie scattering and fogbows!
  • Realistic in-cloud effects for convincing IFR landings and takeoffs
  • Simulated scud layer
  • Real simulation of single, double, and multiple scattering of sunlight and moonlight through the clouds
  • Convincing high-altitude weather for jetliner pilots
  • Soft cloud / terrain blending
  • Adjustable soft blending of any cloud type with terrain
  • Makes for gorgeous ground fog, or clouds surrounding mountaintops!
  • Lightning effects in SkyMaxx Pro 5 will trigger 3D positional thunder sound effects when SoundMaxx is installed
  • 3D Precipitation (OpenGL only)
  • Integrates seamlessly with the X-Plane weather menus

Compatible With
  • X-Plane 11
  • Mac (OpenGL) and Windows (Vulkan/OpenGL). No Linux.
  • VATSIM - xsquawkbox
  • NOAA Weather Plugin 
  • X-Plane Real Weather Download
  • FSGRW (Advanced integration when paired with Real Weather Connector)
  • Active Sky XP (ASXP) when using Real Weather Connector
  • ...And many more!

Why should you get it?
SkyMaxx Pro will literally change the way you see the world in X-Plane, and has four years of development experience in the X-Plane world. It brings the entire simulator to a whole new level of realism. Do you want better X-Plane clouds that really look like clouds and give you a better feeling of really being there? Do you want to see the rays of the sun hit the clouds, and watch pockets of sunshine shine through like they do in real life? Do you want to see clouds that move like they should? Do you want full control of your sky colors? If these questions all interest you, then SkyMaxx Pro is for you! It is an amazing add-on for X-Plane with no learning experience, a very quick install, and a beautiful change to your X-Plane world. Get it today!

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