RealSimGear DA40NG

The ultimate trainer with crazy detail.

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Step into your classroom.

Re-defining the "class" in classy.

The ultimate trainer, carefully designed and simulated for X-Plane 12! Enjoy an immersive and in-depth aircraft where you can learn the intricacies and become familiar with this modern training aircraft. This aircraft is available in the retail edition for home use, or as part of RealSimGear packages for flight-training, commercial, and FAA approved BATD uses.


The 3D and texturing detail is unmatched, inside and out.

Take Command!

The X-Aviation Take Command! branding represents the very best of flight simulation immersion, and assures you this product is one of the most sophisticated, study sim level aircraft available for X-Plane! Real world pilots test and assist in the development of these products, and real world procedures are followed. It tells you these products are unlike any other product you've seen outside of the ever growing X-Aviation catalog! Want to feel like a real captain? Take Command!


A proven path leads to all things good.

The Take Command! DA40NG by RealSimGear is built off the wealth of knowledge accumulated from the renowned Take Command! SR22 Series developed by RealSimGear and TorqueSim. This aircraft follows in this path by delivering an industry-leading GA aircraft experience.

The objective of this aircraft is to provide access to in-depth system behaviors to understand how the aircraft functions. It is one thing for an aircraft to look and fly like a DA40, its another for it to model and illustrate the functions of the systems underneath the surface.

3D Model


How does insane sound?

3D Model

The DA40NG 3D model sets the bar for aircraft models for flight simulators. The aircraft is modeled to the finest of details, painstakingly handcrafted down to each individual screw and leather stitch. Taking full advantage of X-Plane 12's new rendering model, this aircraft is truly a sight to behold. The FMOD sound pack is the result of fine tuning all of the various subcomponents of the DA40NG from the turbochargers and propeller, down to the switches and pumps.

Additionally, this aircraft has been designed to allow for custom tail numbers to be dynamically generated onto the aircraft livery. With a wide variety of included liveries, and support for 3rd party liveries with the system, make your livery match your real plane!

3D Model


Going beyond your typical X-Plane GA aircraft.


This aircraft simulates the wide variety of unique systems onboard. The electrical system is fully modeled from the batteries and circuit breakers all the way to each electrical item. The behavior of the essential bus switch is simulated, a unique feature of DA aircraft. A live visualization of the electrical system is provided which shows what is going on behind the scenes when a switch is flipped. See the initial draw of the pitot tube heat as its turned on, and the level off to its steady state.


The unique DA40NG fuel system is modeled with the main / auxiliary tank setup, with normal and emergency operation. A live system diagram shows the status of the system to further provide context to the aircraft behavior.

The EECUs of the DA40NG engine are also modeled, providing for seamless FADEC controlled engine operation. The dual-redundant EECUs include voter switches, where if one malfunctions, you can manually force over to the other EECU. The ECU test is also replicated to provide an understanding of how the engine should behave. The cooling system for the engine and cabin heat exchanger is also simulated and illustrated with a live diagram, showing the coolant flow throughout the system.



Customized G1000


The DA40NG features a modified implementation of the X-Plane X1000, with custom engine gauges, system status information, as well as warning/caution annunciators. Additionally, the backup gauges can be selected between either the standard round-gauge assortment (airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, and altimeter), or an MD302-styled backup gauge.

Now Take Command of your future as a pilot!