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Shipping and Returns

As a customer to X-Aviation you are very important to us. It is our goal to ensure you are satisfied with your product!
With that said, there are different types of policies we have depending on the type of product you purchase.

High Quality Add-Ons for X-Plane

Shipping & Returns

<p class="data">Shipping & Returns</p>

X-Aviation is always looking to satisfy our customers through customer support systems, however, we do not accept returns unless outlined in the following rules below. This is product specific!

DVD/CD Purchases:

X-Aviation will happily accpet a return for exchange of any DVD or CD purchase that has arrived

faulty or cracked. Please contact our customer service through the contact form if this is the case!

Download Purchases:

X-Aviation does not accept refunds or exchanges on any of our download products unless we see fit for a special circumstance. Furthermore, activated products will not be considered for a refund or exchange.