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UrbanMaxx V2 3D
[UBNMX 2.0]


by Steve McCurry

Date Added: Friday 04 September, 2015

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Not too bad, as long as you are at a high altitude, or looking straight down on it. When viewed from an angle it just looks like a big grey blob (which would be hard to avoid with a 2D texture like this). I've noticed no change in my FPS.
Also, as I stated before, there is nothing "3D" about this. It is simply a texture that overlays the stock texture for urban areas. This means that unless you turn all of your objects all the way off, you end up with buildings and roads and especially trees built randomly over the street grid of the UrbanMaxx texture and it just ends up looking strange. Trees growing out of houses, buildings built on streets, etc. Personally I'd rather have the stock urban texture, because at least it doesn't look like the buildings and streets are built over each other with trees growing out of them. To be honest, this feels like a freeware product that someone was desperate to make money with.
My final verdict is this: if you like the big jets and flying really high, this may work well. If you (like me) prefer general aviation, helicopter, or low flying in any way, it won't look real good.
I hope this gives people a good idea of what they are looking at here. I know there was a real lack of description when I purchased it.