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Take Command!: Saab 340A
[SF340 1.5.1]


by Johan Stiernspetz

Date Added: Monday 01 December, 2014

[5 of 5 Stars!]
I can only agree with the previous writer - the Saab 340 is as real as it gets with your feet on the ground! I am no pilot myself, but have always dreamt about it. With X-planes I can do serious piloting, flying big commercial airplanes along real routes, using my STARs and SIDs for the approaches, with real weather going on. I grew up in Linköping where Saab builded and flew the 340, and have flown it as a passenger, as well as been a number of times in the cockpit. Imagine my joy buying this X-aviation masterpiece which placed me in the captains seat and got me to fly this machine. I love turboprops, and I almost fly the 340 daily in daylight and at night on all available airports in domestic Sweden. The sound is great, all the knobs and buttons in the cockpit sounds as the real deal, and the looong starting procedure of the engines are very realistic. If you are serious about X-planes, you MUST own the Saab 340 from X-aviation, and fly it with your earphones on! /Johan Stiernspetz, Sweden