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Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900


by Luigi Roberto

Date Added: Monday 29 July, 2019

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Someone PLEASE...tell me when I can stop kicking myself...for NOT getting this aircraft sooner! What a beauty. I've only had it for about two hours, ,maybe three and I'm still crawling in baby mode. I actually did get it up and flying (VR babay!), my first attempt in landing was a go-around which I then successfully landed without incident. My second try was a perfect approach but had difficulty getting the reversers working (I know now) which led to hot brakes.
I must say, this ac is modeled beautifully and with detail. Detail from the graphics to the systems.
I love a good challenge, and boy oh boy, this plane sure fits the bill.
Thank you to the talented people that worked so hard on this ac. GREAT JOB! Now, more learning and challenges ahead! Only a couple of issues I need to figure making the trim work from my yoke instead of using the vr manipulator. (which is a pain, tho my fault for not knowing how to map it yet) And of course the mapping of the reversers. Then I'll have taken complete command! :)