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[SNDMX 1.0]


by Lee Donnellan

Date Added: Wednesday 02 September, 2015

[3 of 5 Stars!]
I Like the new sounds and think they are a great addition to x-plane, my only wish is you could hear the outside sounds faintly inside the cockpit when the engines are off and windows / doors are closed. At the moment you only hear those outside sounds if your outside or have a door/ window open which isn't something I do very often making the add on limited for my use. Great for people who wish to "film" outside the plane for YouTube videos. For people who like to sit in the cockpit, getting the plane loaded up cold and dark, the add on has little benefit to them at that moment, faint sounds like from a single glazed window will be ideal to remind you that the add on is present. All other sounds within the plane are a great add on although I wish the heavy plane passenger sounds include talking, and other usual noises in the background, it's just an engine/wind noise at the moment. This add on is well worth buying as I'm sure it will be improved and further sounds added in future.