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iGoDispatch IXEG 737-300
[iGo733 1.4.7]


by Ian Jones

Date Added: Sunday 19 August, 2018

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Nearly two years ago I bought iGoDispatch for my old mini iPad mainly because I was looking for a flight tracking application, and it did the job well. I was delighted to discover that that the app did MUCH more, and I was soon using it to learn the flight planning process. It takes me a bit longer now from “cold and dark” to flight on the IXEG B737, but it is heaps more fun.
Now we have the stand alone application for Windows and Mac allowing everyone who loves flying the IXEG B737 to access this versatile resource. This one application allows entry, amendment, saving and uploading of your flight plan directly into the B737 coroutes folder. It will download METAR for origin and destination airports. Passenger numbers, cargo weight and distribution can be selected by easy sliding graphics, which you can then load into the aircraft. Fuel is handled in the same manner. All the “number crunching” is done for you, and can be readily accessed on the main load page. You can track your flight on the ACARS map page, and after you land a comprehensive Flight Performance Report can be generated. If this was not enough, cabin announcements are available in three languages, winds aloft can be downloaded from either NOAA or X-Plane ... and probably a few “extras” I am yet to discover.
You will need to download the free iGoConnect plugin to enable iGoDispatch to “talk” to the aircraft.
Priced at a crazy low $9.95, this has to be right up there as best value for money in the X-Plane add-ons category.
Captains, I thoroughly recommend this application to you. Take your IXEG B737 flying experience one step higher!