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Beechcraft Sundowner C23


by Rich Dahlen

Date Added: Saturday 17 August, 2013

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The Beech Musketeer was my transition aircraft after getting my private license back in the mid 70s. I went from the Cessna 150 to Musketeer and enjoyed many hours flying this aircraft. I was always disappointed that no one had made a Musketeer for Flight Sim, and was excited to get this plane when I started using X-plane. The first 2 things I noticed were my RPM never got above 2100 and to get proper cruise I was set at 1800 RPM. Not right, but can certainly be worked around. Secondly was the lack of nose-up rudder trim. The TO setting is far aft and the remaining available is insufficient to get proper attitude and climb speed. Again, can be worked around. However, I do remember the Musketeer being somewhat "heavy" on the controls (remember I transitioned from the 150). Control forces were greater than the Cherokee 140 and 160s I flew later although not as great as, say, a 182. I have played a lot with my control settings and have not been able to get anything near the feel I remember. Also, I remember this as a very stable aircraft. This was early in my flying days and I do not remember and difficulty in flying this plane. Doesn't seem to be the case with this flight model. I have had the airplane for about 8 months and tried numerous things to get the flight characteristics I remember without luck. Flying it a lot less lately because of the issues. A bit disappointed with this craft.