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LIPH - Treviso Antonio Canova Airport[LIPH 1.0]

LIPH - Treviso Antonio Canova Airport!

Aviotek Simulation Software and X-Aviation are excited to bring you another greatly modeled, well optimized airport for X-Plane 11!

Quick Facts: Accurately designed Treviso Antonio Canova Airport with ortho imagery and highly detailed buildings, moving vehicles, city landscape, and more!

Developer: Aviotek Simulation Software
Download Size: 745MB
Comaptibility: Mac & Windows

Treviso Antonio Canova airport, located just 3 kilometers southwest of Treviso city center, is one of the main hubs for low-cost airlines in northern Italy. With just a 2,420 meters long runway and 10 parking stalls, it is one of the busiest secondary airports in Italy, having more than 3 Million passengers per year. It's mostly served by Ryanair, LaudaMotion and WizzAir, with a triweekly flight to Moscow operated by Pobeda Airline. It connects airport all around Europe as well as other secondary airports in Italy like Brindisi, Naples, Catania and Cagliari. 

​ The airport has a small military area where maintenance is performed on various type of military aircrafts.

Highlighted Features
  • Full replica of Treviso Airport (according to official 2020 blueprints and projects) and the military apron
  • PBR glass and effects
  • PBR ground textures with optimised resolution
  • HDR custom lighting
  • Hand-painted and color-corrected photoreal imagery
  • Custom 15 cm/px airport photoreal
  • 3D custom static aircrafts
  • 3D people inside the terminal
  • 3D grass with little FPS impact
  • Custom ground vehicles (static and animated)
  • Custom approach lighting system (located over Sile river)
  • Custom 3D landmarks all over the airport's surroundings
  • Hand-placed vegetation and grass
  • Custom taxiway lighting
  • Custom night environment

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