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X-Plane Scenery Add-Ons

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  • State of Washington
    Washington State is one of the world's great travel destinations and offers an incredible diversity of geography which provide great flying opportunities. The state is home to nearly seven million people. Western Washington features lush forests and a cooler/wetter climate. It is...
  • The Gate to the Great Lakes: Custer
    The Gate to the Great Lakes: Custer (KTTF) Region is here for X-Plane 11! Attitude Simulations brings you a level of detail never before seen in X-Plane with this new regionalized scenery pack! This pack will later be able to be coupled with packs for Ann Arbor Municipal Air...
  • Tucson Hi-Res
    This imagery is four-times the resolution of our state series! You can fly with this scenery alone, or you can use the Phoenix and Tucson HR scenery to replace the scenery files that come with the State of Arizona scenery. The HR scenery makes an awesome complement to the Arizona...
  • UrbanMaxx V2 3D
    UrbanMAXX Extreme V2 provides a better set of textures over V1. The textures have been optimized with normal maps which brings another dimension to UME. Some changes are:   • Addition of normal maps for a more 3D look.   • Mip Mapping toned down to ...
Displaying 13 to 16 (of 16 products)
Result Pages: